We are a timber harvesting company specializing in harvesting trees from parcels over 20 acres. We work with private and government-owned parcels to help them tend and care for their forestry resources. 

We understand that ownership of forest land also means stewardship, and good stewardship means the wise use of your forest resources. We are here to help you with that stewardship by assisting you in responsible forest management that will help you as a landowner maintain and grow a healthy and productive forest of timber.

Our mission is to lead in the forest harvesting industry in sustainable forest management through professionalism, service to our customers, education and training.


Johnson Timber Harvesting is trained, certified and insured by the TPA (Timber Professionals Association) and we consider tree harvesting to be a management tool to develop a forest that is healthy and capable of productive growth long into the future. As professionals, we strive to operate in a way that creates a public trust; including meeting or exceeding the standards and principles of the forest products industry.

Our Process for Timber Harvesting 
At Johnson Timber Harvesting we feel a sense of responsibility towards stewardship of forest resources. For that reason, our company works with machinery that is not only productive but has a low impact on the forest floor.

We use a forwarder, which is often preferred on sensitive sites, because it carries rather than drags the wood, reducing ground wear and impact. Also, the increased surface area of the forwarder's wheels running over a mat of tree tops deposited on the trails protects the ground and distributes the weight of the loaded machine.

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